ahaleofanalpha inquired:

3, 9, 18 :)

3. Tattoos I have

three stars on my ankle from the American Harry Potter books :D

9. Tattoos I want

soo many…um i want a celtic knot, and also something medieval related because it’s a huge part of my life. i’ve been leaning towards a sword lately but who knows!

18. Phobia

i have a selective fear of heights, if that counts? like, airplanes i’m fine, tall buildings i’m usually fine, but sometimes i’m just like nOPE

chordofcrimson inquired:

4, 8 (moments in history), 13, 18

4. Last time I cried and why

like two days ago?? over a dumb boy

8. Top 5 (moments in history)

OH GOD UM okay these aren’t strictly moments but they’re some of my favourite things to study, so it counts: henry viii, battle of hastings, wwii, eleanor of acquitaine, shakespeare

13. Life goal(s)

work in a museum

18. Phobia

spiders, and social interaction

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spinwhirlpin inquired:

7, 16

7. Biggest turn off(s)

being sexist, overly conservative, or a brony are the only things coming to mind??

16. Favorite movie

currently how to train your dragon (although i finally got much ado about nothing so i expect it to change as soon as i watch that)

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Anonymous inquired:

3, 10, 12, 17, AND 19

3. Tattoos I have

A tiny one of the three stars from the American Harry Potter books on my ankle

10. Biggest turn on(s)

Floppy hair, tattoos, openness about sex (literally talking to me about what you want/enjoy is 10000% sexy)

12. Ideas of a perfect date

Um well I’ve never been on one so I’m not 100% sure but basically if anyone ever brings me to an Indian restaurant their chances of getting laid go up infinitely

17. A fact about my life

I can play three instruments (my life is v. boring, nonny)

19. Middle name


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Anonymous inquired:

Do you love Katie McGrath because you look a lot like her or vice versa?

omg nonny first of all, you are a sweetheart, thank you, this is my favourite compliment ever

second of all nope, i like her mostly because she’s talented (and gorgeous) and funny and i think it’s awesome that she’s this super fashionable woman who also reads like a machine and is super smart. i think that’s a very cool thing for an actress/celebrity to show is possible, that you can be fashionable and smart, too! :D

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Anonymous inquired:

I'm sorry you had a rough day. Here is a hug and a hair-stroke a gentle pat on your back. It's okay. Hopefully tomorrow or next week will be better.

today is already better thanks to pumpkins and beautiful people like you so thank you!!!!

Anonymous inquired:

I'm sorry you've been having a bad day! I hope things turn around for you soon <3 xoxo

i’m answering some of the messages so i can save them on my blog okay thank you so much, anon, you’re the sweetest xxxx

Anonymous inquired:

My ex boyfriend goes to school with me and he is literally ruining my life. He's friends with all of my fiends and he just rags on me in front of them, makes snide remarks, continues to trash me to his old friends back home so that they harass me and all around its just been a shitty few days because I don't know how to fix it

okay, disclaimer, i have ZERO personal experience with this so my advice may not be the best. but i’m going to try to help anyway because holy fuck, what a dick.

second disclaimer is that not all of this advice will be pleasant. for example, if your mutual friends are treating you poorly just because of what he’s saying and ignoring how you actually are in real life, then consider making new friends. you don’t need people in your life who will let others shape their opinions of YOU without basing it on what you present to them YOURSELF.

trust me, i know the “just make new friends!” argument sounds easier said than done, and it IS, but it’s still valid advice. i advise you try joining a club, or venturing to talk to someone in a class that you really like. talking to people who you know have some sort of mutual interest is a great way to make new friends, and it’s so much easier in college if you just try (i’m assuming you’re in college; if you’re not, joining a club or an activity will still help).  it’s important to start building new friendships in college, too, because you’re growing as a person and the friends you had in high school may not fit the new you as well as they did the old one, and that’s okay! it’s part of growing up.

another piece of easier-said-than-done advice is to shrug it off. this won’t happen overnight, because this is someone that you put trust in and his attitude is painful, i know.  but recognize that his attitude is juvenile and beneath you, and you’re a better person for having shed his influence in your life.

finally, recognize that you are a pretty rad person. fuck anyone that says differently. some people are petty and much less rad than you, and will try to take you down, which is basically the least rad thing ever.  the fact that someone is spreading rumors and talking trash about you says SO MUCH MORE about them than it even hints at anything about you. xxx

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linneaus inquired:

ok so college is actually really tough and my anxiety is like tenfold and i had a good long cry fest today but i mean at the same time today was totally fine! my sociology intro class was really short, and my education professor is cool and my english class was cancelled today so i got off really early. it's weird being an adult tho holy shit. there's a lot of cute people w/ beards. ahhhhh college basically. how're u doin dear?

:( bb i know college is super rough, especially when you’re first jumping in to it. but honestly, three years in i’m doing okay? it’s an adjustment but you do adjust eventually, i promise. sociology sounds really awesome; both of my roommates have taken it and they thought it was cool.  cancelled classes are the blessing of college kids though omg

YO BEING AN ADULT IS SO WEIRD. like i pay rent??? i signed a lease??????? i MANAGE my own BEDTIME????? cute people with beards make it worth it though tbh

i’m doing good!! usual school stress/job finding stress, but my classes are good and my roommates are chill. :)

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Anonymous inquired:

What's your feminist viewpoint on Miley Cyrus's VMA preformance? Everyone seems disturbed, but I personally don't really see why.

oh goodness okay

i had to youtube it because i’m not actually watching the vmas.

i like miley well enough as someone who isn’t really a True Fan and just sort of hears about her in passing. she’s comfortable with who she is (obviously) and i have zero problems with her sexuality or sex appeal.  her music and all of that is just in general not what i enjoy so yeah.

most of my opinions on her performance tonight are something along the lines of ‘what’ because i just didn’t understand it. i don’t know that i’m disturbed by her performance because of feminism so much as i’m disturbed by it because i didn’t get what it was supposed to be about. ‘twerking’ in general confuses me because it is neither comfortable nor attractive (imo) so tbh anon, i’m not the best person to ask.

and also i cannot stand robin thicke or ‘blurred lines’ so i’m a bit distracted by that. 

EDIT: i haven’t seen a music video of hers since Party in the USA so i had no idea about the cultural approbation accusations going around rn??? so that’s why i didn’t comment on it okay goodnight

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