linneaus inquired:

27 dresses, hachi, and i know what you did last summer

27 dresses: upload a picture of your favorite clothing




shh i just love clothes

hachi: tell us a story about your pet

okay i have a lhasa apso named ollie and we bought him as a puppy from the flea market (nope not kidding)

i know what you did last summer: tell us a fun story about your last summer

WOW UM i went to england for the best two weeks of my life during which i saw henry v at the globe and posed with a merlin wax figure and hugged my favourite people in the world every day c:

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I have fallen in love with Little Mix and I'm so glad you reblog them because I can't find any good blogs to follow!

oh god i’m in love with them!! i’m so glad at least one of you like them too i was afraid my posts would be annoying :’D

i don’t follow any little mix-specific blogs but my friends post a lot of them (and also one direction, so…). just in case you’re interested, it’s mostly these four: x | x | x | x


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linneaus inquired:

you should probably follow me on twitter if you still use yours @solidandwhole i mean i mostly just tweet patrick stump things in a desperate hope for conversation but you know sometimes i say other stuff too

AW YAY TWITTER FRIENDS also that dwarf game swallowed like two hours of my life last night whoops

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silvanstarlight inquired:

you love me don't deny it i am the master of wit :P

no denial here i legitimately laughed at that for like a full minute

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Kinsey; Merthur, of course; Glee (I'm ashamed and so sorry); 1. My favorite color is green 2. I once had a dream in which Sir Patrick Stewart gave me life advice 3. My favorite book is Good Omens; I like your face, your fics, your blog, and yourself; idk if you started posting really graphic porn all the time without tagging it??

don’t worry i understand the glee thing my roommates are reluctant glee fans *pat pat*

omG i was grinning and blushing and then i just started LAUGHING don’t worry i give you permission to yell at me if i stat posting really graphic porn without tagging omg having been scrolling through tumblr during class and coming across some really up close and personal butt fucking before i try very hard to tag stuff

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silvanstarlight inquired:

Uh so, my name's Olivia and I love cats. I love every kind of cat. Sorry. I just. I really love cats and I just wanna hug all of them but I can’t cause it’s crazy. I can’t hug every cat. But I just want to. I want to. Umm. I’m sorry. I just I get... anytime I hear cat, I jus- I love cats. And I want little bow ties, and I just want a house full of them and I just want us to roll around with them. I promised myself I wouldn’t cry.– I can’t I can’t.




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mydogisanerd inquired:

I'm Sharna, my main ship is Merthur, my first fandom was LOST~ :D I love dogs, I collect animal bones/skulls and Colin Morgan accidentally spat on me once. I follow you because you're awesome and I love your blog - I've been following you for so long my dash would be weird without you, anyway. I'd only unfollow you if you starting posting hateful things or started being intolerably rude, which I don't think would happen. ^_^ You're great~

“Colin Morgan accidentally spat on me once” OH MY GOD DO I LAUGH OR SAY I’M SORRY

dkfal;kjf you’re so sweet thank you so much c: also you have my permission to unfollow me if i start posting hateful/rude things but only after leaving me a strongly worded ask telling me to get my shit together ;)

ps - I’ve probably said this before??? But your name is really pretty :D

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chordofcrimson inquired:

Whitney, Merlin/Arthur forever and ever amen, does Power Rangers count?, 1) I've recently developed an obsession with ranch dressing and it's becoming a problem 2) the boy I have a crush on made a fantastic Star Trek reference earlier today and it made me swoon hardcore 3) I can't stop listening to Thrift Shop help, I follow you because you're Bevin and I love Bevin, FOLLOW 5EVER

adkl I feel forgetting you changed blogs hELLO

oh god a boy that makes fandom references HOLD ON TO HIM yes good.  also i’m addicted to thrift shop too don’t worry.


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I love your blog title. ♥Shakespeare♥

i love your face.

no but actually bless you for noticing

Anonymous inquired:


I LOVE YOU TOO ANON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!