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james turning down every hogsmeade invitation by telling them he’s going stag

Sirius spreading a rumour that he has a cat just so when people ask him about it he can go, “Nah, I’m a dog person.”

Peter being loud so when a teacher chews him out, he can promise to be “quiet as a mouse”

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Friendly reminder that this creepy moment existed. 

#she was laughing at her husband and son#people who she loved dearly enough to give up her life#and snape took that and cut them out of it so he could pretend she was laughing for him#her love in the letter was for sirius who was best man at her wedding and her good friend who fought at her side in the order#and snape took that so he could pretend her love was for him#snape is fucking trash and this is not romantic at all

this this this this this omg this si so disgusting this guy is a creep who feels entitled to Lily’s love even though he’s done nothing to deserve it



Friendly reminder that this creepy moment existed. 

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Do you ever just remember


That tonks could have done anything with her body literally anything and instead she chose pink and short and spiky hair and disguises for top secret missions to defeat DARK WIZARDS and cheer up affected children during wartime by entertaining them with her gifts during the worst time of their lives and not to mention support her boyfriend when their government wouldn’t let him support her because of his condition and think YES GOOD THIS IS THE KIND OF WOMAN I ASPIRE TO BE

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"It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be”- Dumbledore

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Inspired by this.

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❝”Very nice, dear,” said Neville’s grandmother in a falsely cheery voice, patting his mother on the shoulder. But Neville said quietly, “Thanks, Mum.”❞

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what better place to fool around than in the restricted section of the hogwarts library [x]


what better place to fool around than in the restricted section of the hogwarts library [x]

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It does not do to dwell on dreams, Harry, and forget to live.

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tiny ginny weasley, growing up with six brothers, deathly afraid of being branded “girly”, because “girly” from the sneering mouths of fred and george meant weak, inadequate, pathetic

ginny weasley at eight years old, sick of her hair flowing down to her bottom, sick of tying it into plaits and pigtails, grabbing a pair of scissors and chopping it all off with messy hacks - then molly was gasping, snatching the scissors from her grasp, yelling at her and mourning her “beautiful, beautiful” hair

ginny weasley at twelve years old, fresh from the horrors of her first year and accepting her dorm-mate’s mascara. after everything that happened, she’s trying to make friends, and her dorm-mates are trying too. so she takes the mascara wand and, for the first time, applies it. it’s clumpy and uneven but her dorm-mates help her perfect it - it’s girly and feminine and against everything she’s ever stood for, against the reputation she had built at the burrow, but she kind of likes the dark weight on her eyelashes

ginny weasley slowly recognising and destroying her internalised misogyny as she progresses through hogwarts - ginny weasley embracing makeup and quidditch in equal measures, ginny weasley burping the alphabet and squeezing into the tiniest of skirts, ginny weasley being stark and cold and fearsome as well as giggly and sweet and flirty. ginny weasley standing up for the tomboys of hogwarts as well as the girliest of girls. don’t fuck with girl-power ginny weasley or you’ll be bat-bogey hexed into next week.

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